Areas of Practice

Compliance and Regulated Industries

Compliance and Regulated Industries


Our dedicated team advises organizations in the application, enrolment, licensing, and compliance of regulated industries, including financial services, insurance, banking, technology, environmental, property, charity/not-for-profit, gaming, F&B, and retail.

Besides having a profound understanding of industry specifications, standards, regulations, laws, and other legal requirements we have experience in the drafting of bylaws, the review of operational practices, the creation and enforcement of compliance policies, and regulatory risk management. We provide a broad solution catalogue, which includes the review of marketing materials, presentations, and websites.

We help our clients understand risk level significance and scope, keep up to date with best practices relating to professional standards, educate employees on not only the regulations, but also the impact on the organization if these aren’t complied with, contributing to robust and effective controls.

We assist in the gathering of internal information in response to regulatory requests and perform various general administrative duties (such as application, renewal and updating of all regulatory filings).

We also help companies regarding the protection of information, monitoring compliance with Personal Data Protection Act, including the preparation of necessary filings and authorizations, data loss prevention and retention policies, and data classification. We offer advice on data lifecycle management for regulatory, legal, and business-critical records in any organization, helping to implement effective compliance of data media, input, access, and transport.